Monday, 17 November 2014

Totseat teams up with Paddington Bear™ with two new designs

The ever popular portable fabric baby travel chair by Totseat has joined forces with the adorable Paddington Bear™ to create two new designs. 
The new Paddington™ range will be in stock from next week (28th November 2014) to coincide with the release of the first ever live action film Paddington™, bringing Michael Bond's best-selling books to life.
Be the first to preorder the new design on our Tums To Tots online baby shop  and let your little ones dine out with the loveable adorable Paddington™ Bear, guaranteed to be a hit with your little one.
Paddington Bear Tot Seat Fabric Portable Baby High Chair in Ecru

Paddington Bear Tot Seat Fabric Portable Baby High Chair in Blue

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New in Stock the Newborn Gift sets for Boys and Girls by Hippychick

Christmas is round the corner... well yes kind of, but I know a shed load of people who have already embarked on the 'Christmas List' for loved ones.... so you have a new addition and what do you get a newborn baby... simple... a Hippychick Newborn Baby gift box.

Newborn baby gift set

The gift boxes come in two different sizes, standard and premium to cater for different budgets. All the gifts within the boxes are selected from our best sellers, so are bound to be hit with babies (and lets face it more importantly mums and dads).

Packed within the standard box is a pair of super soft shoes, a muslin and bandana style bib.

Hippychick newborn baby boy gift set

Newborn baby girl gift set by Hippychick

The Premium baby gift box has the same super soft adorable baby shoes, and also a cotton fleece baby blanket and soft cuddly toy.

Hippychick Newborn baby girl gift set box

Hippychick Newborn Baby boy gift box

So that's the newborn baby present sorted, tick... now for the rest of the family!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New in the BabaSling® Baby Carrier - New in the Cosy Edition

Check out our new range of stylish baby slings to transport your little ones around in. We simply love these baby carriers, not only are they truly practical, not having to lug a buggy in and out of your car, but they cocoon the baby in a safe and nurturing way, keeping them close to the warmth of mum or dad. 

With 5 different carrying positions it also enables mums to breastfeed their babies in a discreet way when out and about.  

They come in a range of styles and colours, the light weight version, classic (with a limited edition print), organic cotton range, and new in today the cosy range... with a snug TOG 2.0 rating these are just perfect for the colder chillier days of winter.

The Babasling® comes in a huge range of colours... just visit our shop to view the full range of designs.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The Tot Seat - The Portable Baby High Chair Review

Yeah, the warm weather is here (finally) and you are more than likely making the most of getting out and about with your little one. The Totseat is one baby travel accessory that is an absolute must for any mum or dad. In comparison to the other travel high chairs out there, the Totseat is just super practical.

I just love, love, love the Totseat for so many reasons:
  • It is light weight and not bulky. Made of a durable fabric it folds away neatly and can be stored away in a compact travel pouch, ideal to travel in your bag and for trips abroad.
  • It is versatile and designed to fit  a large range of chairs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Easy to clean - simply bung the fabric baby seat in the wash
  • Stylish - comes in a huge choice of attractive designs
More importantly the Tot Seat is very quick and easy to use. All you have to to is pop the top half over the top of the chair, then wrap the bottom half round your baby's bottom and fasten the end securely round the back of the chair.

I was out an met up with a mum who was using the Tot Seat. She just talked about how useful this baby seat was and how it was one of the best baby products she has bought. She has used the Tot Seat everywhere, even on train journeys! She was happy for me to take some photos of her super adorable daughter, and whilst stealing the lime light ever so slightly, has done a pretty good job of modelling the baby seat.

baby sitting in Totseat Portable travel baby highchair in chocolate circles

back detail of Totseat Portable travel baby highchair in chocolate circles  Totseat Portable travel baby highchair in chocolate circles without baby  Totseat Portable travel baby highchair in chocolate circles with baby

Totseat Portable travel baby highchair in chocolate circles detail of seat

In one word the Tot Seat is "practical", it's a brilliant baby high chair no parent should be without.

Visit for this and more inspirational baby products.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Funky Fun Travel Bags for Kids by Samsonite

I've been itching to write about these kids bags which are new to my shop, TumsToTots. These children's suitcases are from the Sammies range by Samsonite so are of a high quality and come in a multitude of popular designs which are just so much fun for children. 

I know the holiday season is slowly approaching and these children's bags are just the ticket. We all know how little people like to be all grown up mini adults, and these funky kids' suitcases will fuel their independence allowing all the 'mini me's' out there to strut around and show off these suitcases with pride. All the children's suitcases have wheels and extendible handles so the children can easily roll their precious belongings around.

The kids travel bags by Samsonite are strong and sturdy, and made from a robust 330d x 300d polyester. Alternatively there are some hard upright bags amongst the "My First Samsonite" selection such as the fruity pear, car and sweets design.

Sammies Samsonite Kids Hard Upright Suitcase - Car DesignPicture showing inside of the Sammies Samsonite Kids Hard Upright Suitcase - Car Design

Depending on the design of the travel bag the average volume capacity of the suitcase is approx 19 litres so is there is ample room for all those little treasures. 

I just love the designs that Samsonite have thought of (must have been fun doing the market research for these bags). You have the car and sweet designs which are new to the range this year and then there are the old favourites; bumble bee, ladybird, crocodile, dragon, chick, dog, butterfly, elephant and my favourite the owl.

Picture of Samsonite Sammies Funny Face - Kids Ladybird BagPicture of Samsonite Sammies Funny Face - Kids Bee Suitcase
Fun Loving Funny Face Range from Samsonite include the ladybird, crocodile and buzzy bee

Picture of Samsonite My First Samsonite - Kids Car BagPicture of Sammies My First Samsonite - Kids Sweets Bag
 New in the kids car and sweet upright suitcases by Samsonite

Picture of Samsonite Sammies Dreams - Kids Upright Suitcase, DragonPicture of Samsonite Sammies Dreams - Kids Upright Suitcase, DogPicture of Samsonite Sammies Dreams - Kids Upright Suitcase, ChickPicture of Samsonite Sammies Dreams - Kids Upright Suitcase Elephant

Adorable Sammies Dream collection include the puppy, chick, elephant, dragon, butterfly and my personal favourite the ....

Picture of the Samsonite Sammies Dreams - Kids Upright Suitcase, Owl

Samsonite haven't scrimped on the detail too - where appropriate the bags may have little feet, flappy ears, waggy tails,  fluttery wings which add to the loveability of these travel suitcases for children. In addition they all have straps within the bag to hold precious treasures in place, an address label or tag, sturdy wheels, extendible handle and an additional carry handle.

And the details:

Detail of the internal straps on the Samsonite range of kids bagsPicture of detail of wheels on the Samsonite range of kids bagsDetail of the extendable carry handle on the Samsonite range of kids bagsDetail of the name tag on the Samsonite range of kids bags (crocodile bag)

All Sammies Children's bags include robust wheels, extendible handle and carry handle, luggage tag and internal bag straps 

I know these bags for children would add that extra special element to their holiday experience and would make the ideal gift or present for a little boy or girl. They don't even have to be used for holiday,  maybe the odd sleep over at grandparents or friends. Whatever the occasion these beautiful kids bags are guaranteed to bring a smile to a little persons face.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

I think my son has to be one of the biggest fans of SpongeBob SquarePants and when it came to his birthday I thought I'd fuel his obsession even more with a Spongebob Squarepants cake

Picture of spongbob squarepants cake

It was actually dead easy to make (trust me I always look for the easy option not to complicate life). 

I made the cake using a square cake tin and once baked trimmed off one side to make the cake a rectangular shape. Then the cake was sliced in half and filled with butter cream and jam and sandwiched together.

Then came the fun part - decorating the cake. Melt some apricot jam (try and get the smooth jam without bits in) in a bowl over heated water. Once the jam is runny brush it all over the cake to make the icing stick.

I tend to get my icing pre-coloured from the shops. I'm a bit of an eBay fan and  you can pretty much get any colour you're after on eBay, but loads of supermarkets have now started selling ready made coloured icing too (probably sparked by all the celebrity baking TV shows - Great British Bake Off springs to mind here). Buying ready coloured icing saves on having to colour it yourself and I've generally found if you colour it yourself the colours aren't nearly as vibrant as ones you can buy ready made. 

The colours I bought for this Spongebob Cake were yellow, red, black, brown (which has a chocolate flavour yum)  and white. As I didn't need much for the green spots, pink tongue and blue eyes and the colours didn't need to be as strong I just made these up by mixing some colouring with the white icing. 

After the yellow was rolled out, I cut a straight line across the bottom if the icing and placed it over the top half of the cake - covering about 3/4 of the cake. The chocolate brown was then rolled out - one side cut with a straight line again and then placed over the other bottom quarter of the cake butting up to the yellow. A band of white was cut to cover the join. (as you can see I'm still very much an amateur here). The main tool I needed were my circle cutters which came in 3 sizes. All you need is to cut out the relevant colours and stick them onto the yellow base (teeny brush of water helps to stick them on). 

Then all the other shapes were cut out black stitching  a rolled yellow nose, black mouth, pink tongue  black eyelashes, yellow arms and little white triangles for the shirt collar.

Yes, before anyone mentions it I didn't include legs, but you know what I don't think my three year old even noticed - detail again which I felt not needed (easy life moto).

Really enjoyed making this cake and the all important little man loved it too. 

I've got loads more cakes (not all mine) to add to my blog roll and will hopefully manage to list some more in-between all the blogging updates of new stock to my shop

If you've got any cake pics you'd like me to share please send them over. I'd be more than happy to add them on :-)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Koo Di B.Box Essential Baby Nappy Changing Box Review

The Baby Wipe and Nappy storage box by Koo-Di is a fantastic baby essential which any mum or dad shouldn't be without. There are always 101 things to remember and carry round with a new born and this keeps all the essential nappy changing essentials to hand in one place, and makes life that little bit easier J

The nappy wallet comes in various different colours, white/ turquoise (Retro Turquoise , apple green (Retro Circles), pink  (Flower Power) and red/green (Cherry Delight). The baby changing wallets featured in this review are the Cherry Delight and Retro Turquoise).

The changing wallet is constructed of a hard robust plastic casing which is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

Koo-di baby wipe box in cherry delight click here to buy on

Koo-di baby wipe box in cherry delight click here to buy on www.tumstotots.comWhen opened there are two compartments on each side of the box.

One side is for wet wipes and the other holds a compact changing mat with space for nappies and nappy bags. A clip holds everything in place. My boys are out of nappies so can’t really test to see how many it would hold, but it would definitely depend on the size of nappy required, possibly 1 to 3 nappies at a guess.

Koo-di baby wipe box in cherry delight click here to buy on www.tumstotots.comThe Koo-di Baby Nappy Wallet doesn't come with nappies or the wipes, however does include the changing mat. The mat itself is a compact size measuring 48 x 42.5 cm and has an attractive pattern on it which matches the colour of the case. The one in the photo is of some red cherries. The mat has a pvc coating making it easy to wipe down and keep clean. It isn't padded, but I guess if it were then the size of the nappy wallet wouldn't be as compact.

Koo-di baby wipe box in cherry delight click here to buy on
Place your wipes here and clip shut
Koo-di baby wipe box in cherry delight click here to buy on
When the nappy box is open you can access your wipes through this door

With regards to the wipe compartment – this is really clever. Once the wipes are in place and clipped in there are a couple of smaller doors, one on the outside of the casing and one on the inside, so the wipes can be accessed either when the nappy box is open or closed.

Here are some pictures of the nappy changing box in the retro turquoise design...

Koo-di baby wipe box in Retro Circles click here to buy on

Koo-di baby wipe box in Retro Circles click here to buy on www.tumstotots.comKoo-di baby wipe box in Retro Circles click here to buy on

I love this product as it’s very practical and means all nappy changing items are to hand. When it comes to changing nappies when out and about I remember always delving around in my cluttered baby changing bag, rummaging around for nappies, wipes etc.

The Koo-di essential nappy changing box can be purchased on-line from If you like what you see please do spread the word by liking it on facebook :-), tweeting, google + ing... you know what to do!!!